Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fun Weekend...oh about 2 weeks back


I got the MOST important item ever that has been no. 1 on my list since December. Taa daa, let me introduce you to

Terra Plana vivo barefoot flip-flops – so here is to hoping to incorporate more barefoot-y into my daily life and eventually kicking out the heel striking (yes, even in my Bikilas I do it! I must be the only one!!!). In addition, I scored a 15% discount on this and paid SGD35.

Guess what? I came back and bought another shoe! LOL! Well, I have an excuse – needed to use up the voucher from the Klang New Year Run 2011. These will probably be used during the Singapore Night Trail Run 2011 and maybe the NB Real Run 2011, that is if I don’t end up with a Vibram KSOSport later in the year.

Sports therapy

Ahhh…another of my top of the list item! A deep tissue massage session with Diane. So so so good although it hurt like crazy when she was working out the kinks, especially the shoulders, upper back and right calf. Hey, maybe I am using the Bikila like I am supposed to (or at least for the majority of the time) because Diane commented that my hammies and calves were a “little tough to work on”.


I ate “cleanly” pre run – Subway tortilla wrap with veggie patty (this option can’t be found here). I even continue this trend throughout the weekend – man, this healthy lifestyle choice feels like an ingrained thing rather than a fad now. This is good, right?

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