Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Grip, grip, grip

Had problems with the grip this morning; nothing to do with the workout gloves; I have “structurally” tiny hands/palms! LOL! Oh well, it is always easier to blame the huge diameter bars of the DB and bars, right? We worked on the legs-and-shoulders combo this morning but Michael snuck in a pull-up! Darn it! But I know it is for my own good, so suck it up!

Supersets of:

a) Cybex hack squat (400 lbs seems so much easier these days. Really. Seriously. Hence, the 600 lbs on the last set – yay!)

b) DB walking lunges (there is the grip problem!)

Supersets of:

c) Taa daa…the surprise pull-ups (free standing on the Nautilus and the grip prob reared its head!)

d) BB standing overhead shoulder press (50 lbs???!!! Heaviest to date.)

Supersets of:

e) Cybex plate loaded leg press or the technically correct term “leg squat” (I am still coming to grips with the idea of an angle lying down squat; it looks and feels more like a press to me.)

f) Hoist leg extension

g) Jumping jacks/squats (no problem with the stubbed toe – surprise! Surprise!)

Supersets of:

h) DB lateral raise

i) LF cable upright row with iron bar

Supersets of:

j) Leg raises (nope, it’s still hitting the upper abs rather than lower abs)

k) DB bicep curl

It is anyone’s guess if it will be a total body workout or functional on Friday.

YM has been repeatedly telling me that my workout regime is too extreme, evidence being a workout or run or physical activity. OMG! Aw c’mon…most of my “extreme routine” are limited to 1 hour except maybe the long runs (which BTW has been pretty limited due to scheduling conflicts etc a.k.a. once or twice a month; I need to work on this if I want to improve or meet Tall Mom’s 1000 Mile Challenge!) and Richard’s weekly Vinyasa Flow class (90 minutes only!). This coming from someone who asked me this morning which marathon I’ve signed up for after reading The Edge Financial’s list of Asian marathons! Wait till I do sign up for any 42k (no desire, no aspirations though) and I need to put in at least 4 hour runs…every weekend…in addition to 1-2 hours at least every other day. So ironmans, triathletes and marathoners out there…”advice” from YM: you are killing yourself!

Question of the day: It is detrimental to your health to exercise/perform any physical activities everyday. Comments? You probably know my answer.

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