Monday, March 28, 2011

Another fantabulous weekend

Bullet point style since I have a few things on the tap in the office:

• 19.24 wonderful km in 1:49.05 with Kei Ming and Chen Kwok on Saturday morning.

• Intense vinyasa yoga at Richard’s to stretch out the kinks after the LSD; it was so intense that I was uber-ly sore on Saturday night and Sunday to the point of taking Sunday off (first time in eons!).

• Family feast at Restoran Extra Super Tanker at The Club Bukit Utama on Saturday night.

• My planned short, slow and easy 5km recovery run on Sunday morning turned into a moderate pace 8km; heck, I even crafted a 5:24 min/km which is fast for moi!

• I hate the NB361!!! It felt like a python strangling my foot during those 8km! Maybe it is just wearing “running shoes” period rather than the 361. No choice people…I need to break into the shoes. The 361 also put the black toe nails recovery at least 2 steps back.

• Great sessions with Chaye and Eline yesterday although the former’s strong strokes practically left my back immobile for most of yesterday. I cannot believe my last appointment with Eline was way back in October! Yeah, I knew I was due for a session much earlier but with the traveling and procrastination, I only made it yesterday evening. Good thing she had just finished with a client and could take me in…on a 2 minute notice!

• My back is still sore this morning!

• Having put out my back, Michael tweaked the planned back-and-chest to legs-and-chest. Now, my abs are starting to hurt, the good kinda hurt.

Single sets of:

a) Nautilus chest press

b) Technogym leg press (you did not think he would let me off the hook with the 160lbs, right? To up the ante, he even started at 120lbs!)

c) Nautilus incline chest press

Supersets of:

d) Technogym leg extension

e) Nautilus Nitro Plus hip adduction

f) Nautilus Nitro Plus hip abduction

Supersets of:

g) Technogym cable chest fly

h) LF assisted dips

Supersets of:

i) Precor bicep curl

j) Nautilus forward abs crunch

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