Thursday, March 24, 2011

adiNation Training Run – 23 March 2011


a) “Boss” Ronnie

b) “Group Lead” Kei Ming

c) Chen Kwok

d) Aron

e) KK Yum

f) K Suresh

g) Azam

h) Jeff

Training: 7 sets of hill intervals at Deer Park

Set> KM> Time> Pace (min/km)

Warm up> 0.955> 6:30.38> 6:49

1> 0.444> 1:58.16> 4:26

2> 0.433> 1:56.80> 4:30

3> 0.435> 1:56.76> 4:28

4> 0.444> 1:57.60> 4:25

5> 0.429> 1:58.12> 4:36

6> 0.433> 1:57.20> 4:31

7> 0.437> 1:58.03> 4:30

So it was party yesterday with a record-breaking number of attendees! Unfortunately, hill intervals are never a joy for me; actually tempos, fartleks or long runs are also not joyful. Yeah, that about rules out everything except recoveries, huh? LOL! The boys beat me to the finish line…again…even with the discount of starting 10 meters back. I want a bigger discount!!!

Poor Jeff scrapped the skin on his right sole going barefoot; it was a spur of the moment training for him after we egged him to join us.

Suresh did his power speed walking and boy, was he fast.

Do not ask me about the seventh set – it was unintended I am telling you! Call it reflex or whatever since the legs started powering up the hills and the forefinger clicking “start”, both on their own I might add! My take is that there are 3 “significant” elevations: first – up the straight route; second – comes up after the first rounding the bed; third – just before the rubbish or construction dump towards the gate. The quads hurt (always) on the second and it take all life (and limb) to do the third. The calves started to get crampy on the way home but nothing refueling with dinner could not take care off (must be stir-fried carrots!); so sans cramp last night and this morning.

Workout: 60 min Cybex elliptical cross trainer at easy pace – taking this as recovery work. Kenny and I were supposed to run this morning but we were wussies when the skies opened up. The abs are hurting from yesterday’s crunches on the fit ball. Yeah, excuses, excuses and excuses.

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