Thursday, February 24, 2011

Seputeh-Taman Desa Run – 24 February 2011

Distance: 9.52km

Timing: 56:04 min for 5:53 min/km pace

I taped the blisters and tears but it was no use; the KSO continued to bite me this morning. After last night’s tempo run, I was hoping to clock a decent 6:00 min/km recovery run but Kenny would have none of this and went charging ahead! He was doing the fartlek and wanted me to keep up with him; nope, I failed. Then again, the average pace is pretty good considering that I had just finished Hong Kong over the weekend and last night’s tempo. I joked that combined, yesterday’s and this morning’s runs would be my LSD with my house being the halfway point (Petronas). Anyway, the target now is to hit even splits (yes, notwithstanding hills) in a month’s time. Gulp gulp gulp!

I skipped the cool down on the cross trainer when I got to the gym – too washed out. Then again, most of you would probably say that there is more than enough cardio in the pocket for this week.

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