Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Journey is Complete

I started this on my flight to Miri and finished it about an hour ago. Yes, I am that cheap to wait for it to come out in the paperback edition instead of paying through my nose for a hardcopy. Light hearted reading - just the way to go during the CNY hols.

And I also completed 19++km this morning...solo! Kei Ming was nowhere to be seen - I found out later that he had a flat tyre. Also M.I.A. were Ronnie and the gang - very strange indeed since he was the one who posted on his blog about the run. In the end, I started with Dannie, Carrie, Pui San and their jing gang. Spotted in there was Meyya (shout out!). We found the group running a tad too slow (probably 7min/km?) and I had already pulled away at BNM while Meyya ran ahead after the tennis courts although he not only managed to catch up but overtook me. Sigh. The life of a slow mo runner.

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