Saturday, February 5, 2011

Imperial Palace Hotel Miri

I am back! From Miri that is. The whole jing gang decided to invade Miri for the Lunar New Year holidays this year since KM could not travel, baby and what not. It was a nice change from the year-in-year-out affair in boring Penang.

SW and HTN stayed in Marriott while KM got me a room in Imperial Palace Hotel.

Score 1!
The hotel (owned by the Shin Yang Group; for those of you who do not know...they are THE family in Miri and most parts of Sarawak) opened about 6 months ago and everything was practically new and clean. They even had flat screen TVs (Marriott had the old boxy thing).

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Score 2!
The rate for one night in the Superior Room is (drum roll please!) is RM145 nett and this came with a breakfast buffet in the Menawan Restaurant (there is only one restaurant in the hotel; hey it is a small 3-star place in small town Miri). I commented to SF and KM about the cheap breakfast buffet i.e. RM20++ and they pointed out that that is not cheap! By all accounts, the room I paid for in Marriott the last time I was in town was RM200++ and it came without breakfast. My breakfast on day 1 was bread with vegetable curry and on day 2 was croissant with honey. The muffins? Oh that...I doggie-bag them for a snack!

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Score 3!
Adjacent to the hotel is Mayland Cafe - small homey place for a quiet and leisurely breakfast or tea in my case. The shoplots next to the hotel houses Mr Ho's Fine Foods (Aunty Mabel was surprised to learn when I related our dinner - more on this in a another post) and Secret Recipe. Further down the road is Seway (spell ok?) a.k.a. supermart in the style of "Super Kinta Ipoh" (KM's words! Not mine!!!)

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Score 4!
They have a gym - X-Force (cute name, huh?) and from the outside, looks pretty decent (for hotel standards duh!). Sadly I did not realise this until I got there (reminder: scroll the hotel website thoroughly before any visit!) and hence no shoes, no workout. Which brings me the cons.

The pool was a 2-lane * 20 meters pool with about 5 meter at one end being a jacuzzi. Ok, maybe not so much a con since having a pool in a 3-star joint is already a bonus.

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iblisetan1989 said...

Marriott had the old boxy thing ??? what dose you mean by boxy thing ??
im curious

Sue's Ramblings said...

the TV! those from the 1980s!