Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fit Tuesday

Quick update on some of the things that has been happening over the past 24 hours.
  • Chest-and-shoulders day at the gym yesterday, all done in supersets of 2-3 workouts (sorry memory fails me on their order!):
          a) Smith machine bench chest press
          b) DB chest fly
          c) LF cable chest fly
          d) Push ups
          e) BB clean-and-jerk
          f) DB lateral raise
          g) Plate weight frontal raise
          h) DB bend over rear delt
          i) I do-not-have-a-elffin-clue-what-this-is!
          j) Precor Abs Crunch

  • Ran 9.16km a.k.a. four laps around Lake Gardens with an average speed of 5.33min/km or for 50:46 minutes in the KSOs. Yay! The foot held up well yesterday although it is a bit tight today.
  • Other stuff: I am in Miri now!!!!! Hopefully some nap time followed by a short swim before tonight's steamboat dinner at KM's.

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