Thursday, January 13, 2011

Seputeh-Taman Desa Run – 13 January 2011

Distance: 9.55km

Timing: 58:04 min for 6:04 min/km pace (bad!)

I was not sure if I could manage this this morning but I did! The results are not pretty though – timing was worse than last week but I’m putting it down to:

a) not raining buckets and no thunderstorm

b) yesterday’s leg workout (my glutes are shox! And the calves cramped up last night)

c) yesterday’s inter-state run

d) left foot was achy and nagging (will need to go in for a consultation with Mr Soon this weekend)

Actually this should count as an LSD given the short rest period in between (<24 hours!)! No, I do not have any excuse not to nail this – I need to condition my body to take on the load, be stronger and fitter. There is definitely a lot of work to put in here and races most definitely do not run themselves.

Kenny pushed it on the uphills and unlike last week, I could not take up the challenge. I did manage to put in a decent pace and kept within 50-80m. The uphills at Seputeh were much easier since it was early into the run but the 2km slope at Taman Desa nearly took my life. Then again, I scaled it back since the foot was bothering me; I guess on a good day (*kneels and prays for thunderstorms and healthy feet*), it would be so do-able. In return, I was faster on the downhills – hey, I needed to catch up, right?

I took a protein shake when I got into the gym but was hungry the moment I got into the office. It must have been the three hard workouts in the last 24 hours. So now, I have the perfect excuse to gorge and load up on my food! Ok, if you guys know me…that is not going to happen since I’m pretty sensible with my food.

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