Friday, January 14, 2011

Power of Prayer (a Miracle!) and TRX Training

Kenny's prayer worked! The left foot felt much better towards mid day yesterday. Do not get me wrong, it still feels stretched, achy and naggy but nothing like Wednesday or yesterday morning. PTL! I just had to put this post in to give my thanks.

Nonetheless, I planned to keep my appointment with Mr Soon this evening (if I can get away from work early and if traffic is not a nightmare!) or over the weekend. Maybe just one more consult, I think (and fingers crossed).

The gym installed the TRX cables at the private PT area and Michael took me through the upper body paces this morning (glutes are still shox). We have our work cut out for us since I am still iffy on them, particularly for the back and shoulders; the chest, biceps and tricep workouts worked out well. And today was just the introductory! A.k.a. feet on ground…Michael said we’ll moving onto the Bosu and fit ball in 2 weeks time! Aaarrggghhhhhhhhhh! Time to get out the Reebok ball – Michael did say I need to practice at home.

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