Monday, January 17, 2011

Misson Failed!

On all counts for the track/interval training on Saturday. I only managed to hit 6 sets before my left foot buckled. On top of that, I aggravated the soft tissue/ligament and the foot swelled and I was practically hobbling for most of the day. When I showed my foot to Mr Soon, he went “tsk…tsk…looks like it’s having a fever”. Despite all that, I managed to hit 1:40 on each of the set vs Kenny’s target of 1:45 but on hindsight, it was not worth it or was it?

Everything happens for a purpose and reason. Two things come to mind:

(1) Rest, which has been severely lacking. Saturday and Sunday were spent resting the foot as much as possible (it was bandaged with some Chinese herbs since I wanted a speedy recovery); and

(2) I need to re-look at my running form – to lift the entire foot, land gently and not driving down on the balls of my foot on the takeoff. On this count, I am contemplating losing the toe socks on the VFF and then going all out. I may be heel striking more than I thought since I am taking the VFF as a shoe rather than my sole (psychologically) and all these barriers are not allowing me to connect with the ground, to feel the ground, to receive the signals etc. It is scary to go all out but it would mean I probably will not land and takeoff as forcefully as I think I am doing.

My foot feels so much better today – for sure, it is achy, similar to the feeling of a muscle strain and the swelling has subsided. I am still undecided on tomorrow’s hill repeats with Kenny – I am contemplating calling it off or at least change it to an easy pace.

Michael and I worked on a 1/3 TRX, 1/3 cables and 1/3 regular weights this morning.

Supersets of:

a) Hoist lat pulldown

b) Hoist chest press

Supersets of:

c) TRX incline chest press

d) TRX bendover back row

e) Chest fly balanced on 2 fitballs

f) TRX pullover

Supersets of:

g) Technogym cable reverse rear delt

h) Technogym cable chest fly

i) Pushups on Bosu

Supersets of:

j) Abs on wheels

k) Precor ABench

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