Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Seputeh-Taman Desa Run – 18 January 2011

Distance: 10.34km

Timing: 64:20 min for 6:13 min/km pace (super bad!)

I wanted to call off this morning’s planned 8*800m of hill repeats because of the left foot but Kenny told me to come along for a hill-less and easy run. And so it was indeed hill-less and easy. 20m into the start, I could feel the top of the left foot tensing up and shifted the weight and landing to the outer edges of the foot. This held up OK until towards the end of the run when fatigue kicked in. I was consciously bending my knees and landing as gently as I could throughout the run. I discarded the toe socks this morning to see if I could have a better grip or receive more signals from my feet – one more step closer to going all out? Well, I received plenty of signals alright and yes, I woefully reminded of not driving my balls of the foot into the ground. As I once commented to YS Lee and Daniel Tan, it is a 10km reflexology session.

Today’s route was an out-and-back course and took us past Old Klang Road into the turning to OUG Gardens and onto the Desa Waterpark. The return journey was a tad tougher as we were running against traffic and into head winds. I was in front of Kenny for most of the journey and unfortunately took a “wrong” turn into Jalan Taman Bukit Desa instead of the motorcycle lane; hence an extra short steep slope and 1km. All in, it was good to be out there to move the muscles even though the timing sucks. To continue with the theme of rehabilitation, I continue with an easy 30 minutes on the elliptical cross trainer at the gym.

Fingers (and toes!) crossed for the muscles to be back to “regular programming” tonight or tomorrow. Kenny and I may put in another session on Thursday evening if he “survives” the morning’s hike.

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