Monday, January 10, 2011

Lessons learnt over the Weekend

1. Kenny’s definition of 15km = 99% hill training and pure torture!

A.k.a = Bukit Aman > Double Hills Bukit Tunku > Carcosa > Deer Park > Bird Park

It’s do-able but be prepared for a slower pace and soreness the next day (or in my case, the entire Saturday night!). Ah…nothing like a difficult run to toughen up the body. Thank goodness, Kei Ming opted out else 100% guaranteed that he won’t be able to run the Pacesetters Track Meet 2011 yesterday!. I was floored…up to the point of being awake for most of Saturday night – lats (from Friday’s chin-ups) and hamstrings were uber sore and screaming at me!

2. Recovery measures after a weight training session (especially if it involves pull-ups or chin-ups) and a 15km hill training:

• Yoga

• Recovery run – I could not believe how effective this was until after my 5km run around the neighbourhood. The glutes and hamstrings were noticeably better and I could actually nap in the afternoon and sleep last night.

• Deep tissue or sports massage – I missed this one because of Mandy’s birthday dinner.

3. I am officially entered into Mel from Tall Mom on the Run 1000 Miles Club. Mel sent me the spreadsheet on Saturday – initially I was skeptical about her accepting overseas runners since their experience and environment is so different but the spreadsheet with my name on it is proof positive. Since 2011 is about ramping up the training and (fingers crossed) improving on some of my run times, the 1000 Miles Club would keep me accountable. Of course, there’s always Kenny and Kei Ming to nudge me along the way.

4. Mandy’s birthday dinner – order more vegan dishes! I ended up with rice, spinach soup and stir-fried romaine lettuce! The Toy Story 3 birthday cake (chocolate indulgence with the cartoon frame lasered on top) from Secret Recipe was passable; it was mainly cream and chocolate cream and air-filled sponge cake. Crowne Plaza Mutiara’s cakes (all kinds!) beats them hands down! See photo log!

5. I am thinking of quitting pole dancing – I was losing interest towards the end of last year and I was more convinced of it when the class broke for the holidays in December. Nary a miss of the session. I could use the time for a session with Richard or just chill.

6. Monday’s (ok, technically it’s a weekday but bear with me) back-and-chest workout – another tough dish handed out by the veritable Michael:

Supersets of:

a) BB deadlift

b) BB reverse pull-ups

Supersets of:

c) LF cable rear delt/upper back row with the iron bar

d) BB bendover back row

Supersets of:

e) Smith machine bench chest press

f) DB chest press

Supersets of:

g) BB decline press

h) LF cable chest fly

Supersets of:

i) LF cable pull-over/press-down with the iron bar

j) Abs crunches on medicine ball

The soreness should kick in tonight or tomorrow morning. No, that’s not anticipation in glee, just an observation.

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