Friday, January 7, 2011

Five Things Friday

1. P*S* is a f***-u* deal and I need divine intervention to get rid of it. Nope, this is the only deal/event/time that I would swear and cuss to high heavens. [p/s: this wasn’t on my list when I thought about this post this morning but made it to the top of the list when I got into the office; see how much it affects me?!]

2. Mandy’s birthday dinner is tomorrow and I am looking forward to seeing the Toy Story 3 cake that Aunty Mabel has ordered.

3. I will not be able to make the CIMB-sponsored trip to Bali for running the Rat Race as I’ll be in Singapore during that weekend.

4. Aron, Kenny and I will be doing the Bukit Tunku dreaded double hill run tomorrow morning; Kenny and I may run a bit further to make it my LSD. Aron will be keeping it short as he has a hike on Sunday.

5. It was back to functional workouts this morning; it has been a while since we did this. There were 2 major supersets with the first one done on the air-pillows.

Supersets of (done on the air-pillows except the chin-ups):

a) BB squats

b) BB deadlift

c) BB bend over back row

d) Chin-ups on True Stretch

e) Lunges

f) Push-ups

Supersets of:

g) Abs on wheels

h) Resistance band chest fly

i) Resistance bank rear delt back row

j) BB bicep curl

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