Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Chia Seeds

I finally got my chia seeds last night! Unc Wai Sum was home in Melbourne for Christmas and came around to my place yesterday to drop them off (he is on his way to Africa before heading back to Melbourne for Chinese New Year). I thought Aunty Lilian would have bought the small packs like the ones Pui San did but she got me a whole (B.I.G.) jar instead. Whopee! I had better be able to run like the Tamahura tribe now (read “Born to Run by Chris McDougall)!

The seeds are really tiny – even smaller than the sesame or black sesame seeds but are just as crunchy. I sprinkled them over my pasta last night and felt awfully full about 90% through the meal (and this was after taking out some noodles beforehand and cutting back the veg). Maybe I will go with half a teaspoon of them instead of a full teaspoon. Or use a smaller teaspoon!

There was a slight increase in my energy level this morning – not too sure if it was the easy-day cardio session or because of the chia seeds but I definitely was not as tired or sleepy when I first woke up. I will see how things progresses during the week. Fingers crossed it should work out.

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