Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Footy Tales and Merciless Chinese Physicians!

Two footy tales today – the dull ache on the top of my left foot and this morning’s workout.

I am breathing a tad better now that I had the foot checked out by Mr Soon last night. The stress and worrying about the possibility of a stress fracture (after reading Ken Bob’s was worse than the initial pain I felt when Mr Soon started his massage! Ah the trademarks of a consultation with a Chinese physician – no pain, no gain. Conclusion: Chinese physicians are merciless!

The pain almost immediately dissipated and I was out of there in 30 minutes with a lighter heart and no-ache foot. I still have to go back for another 1 or 2 sessions but the prognosis is that it is nothing more than tight ligaments, tendons and muscles bunching up on one spot. It is a puzzle how this came about – I do not remember any drastic increase in mileage or anything dropping on it or kicking it against a table or chair leg.

I will probably still need to be mindful of it, especially landing gently and on my entire foot during runs. I skipped a run yesterday morning because of the possibility of a stress fracture kept playing in my head and I am iffy if I can do an interval training on Saturday.

Michael was being all too “kind” this morning and increased the weights progressively. Hah! But it was still 160lbs on the leg press and 600lbs on the hack squat. Somehow, both workouts were not as daunting or difficult compared to some of our previous sessions – dare I hope that my body is now stronger? A round up of this morning’s footy workout:

Supersets of:

a) Technogym leg press

b) Combo of DB squats and overhead shoulder press

c) Nautilus prone leg curl

Supersets of:

d) Cybex hack squat

e) Static alternate lunges (I still can’t do the jumping alternate version of this; probably never will be able to)

f) Seated calf raises

Supersets of:

g) Smith machine overhead shoulder press

h) Plate weight frontal raise

Single sets of:

i) BB bicep curl

j) Abs crunches

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