Thursday, January 27, 2011

adiNation Training Run – 26 January 2011 – The Merchant of Death Epic


a) Vijay

b) KK Yum

c) Aron

d) Yuki

Distance: 6.85km (Vijay ran on his own while KK, Aron and Yuki did the Inter-State route)

Timing: 56:12 min for 8:12 min/km pace

The VFFs felt like the Merchant of Death the moment I started walking in them – so lap 1 was just walking, much less running. It was so painful on/at the ankles that I decided to lose them at the end of the lap. Guess what?! It was pure joy and painless going all out barefoot – zero pain! And I managed to run two laps and could have gone for another if not for trying to keep the ankle in check. It is really frustrating having to deal with one problem after another and I am running out of solutions. Yes, I am in a somewhat foul mood, ok maybe not foul but jaded? Frustrated (used already)? Giving up? I just do not know what to do and who else I can turn to anymore.

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