Wednesday, January 26, 2011


This morning’s session “emphatically” reinforces my muscular strength imbalance. It was a legs-and-shoulders day and boy, the right quads was all pumped up…which inevitably meant it was working harder and tire faster. The worst bit…it is slightly larger than the left. Sigh. I have been concentrating and consciously putting more pressure and working the left – looks like it is still a long way to go.

There is some good news coming out from the session – my left foot is healing nicely. I managed to put in three sets of alternate single leg jumping lunges and there was no pain! Please continue with your prayers – I really do appreciate them loads. I am hoping to get back to my regular training plans ASAP especially with the upcoming holidays when I know I will be missing some runs and workouts.

Michael and I also talked about the TRX training since I mentioned the article I read earlier this morning. Side note – I do not think I will be able to survive bootcamp training!

Supersets of:

a) Cybex plate loaded squat press (this always gets my heart racing and I need a couple of minutes to steady myself after every set; sometimes the blood flow to the quads are so fast and intense that I am 2 inches away from dizziness)

b) Smith machine squats

c) Alternate single leg jumping lunges

d) Combo of DB squats and shoulder press

Supersets of:

e) Hoist overhead shoulder press (think this is my first time using this)

f) DB lateral raise

g) Hoist seated leg curl

Supersets of:

h) Technogym cable reverse rear delt fly

i) DB side-to-frontal raise (slight variation to the ones we usually do)

Supersets of:

j) Technogym cable upright row

k) Abs wheels balanced on the Bosu

Moving onto other news…KM emailed us a bunch of choices for CNY dinner yesterday. The game plan is to have a steamboat dinner on the eve (since he has not had a chance to make reservations elsewhere) and dinner downtown on CNY day 1. The choices: Mr Ho’s Fine Food, Fratinis Italian, Zaika North Indian or Nikko Japanese. Yeah, everything sounds sumptuous – I cannot decide! I did point out that we could head out for dinner on the eve to save them the hassle of preparing, cooking and cleaning up. What say you? No worries, I will post pics once I am back.

I am pretty excited about heading out to Miri – it has been over a year since I was there. It has that small town-but-not-backwater charm about it and it will be good to walk around a bit since I will be staying downtown this time. The last trip was an in-out affair for the wedding and everyone was so busy with the reception. I’m not sure how this trip will work out since I reckon a lot of places may be closed for the CNY holidays.

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