Friday, December 17, 2010

Tempo Run + Friday's Training

I decided to put in a speedy tempo-ish run before meeting Michael - yeah, I missed Wednesday's 4 laps around the lake and felt guilty. I have not checked the timing yet as the Garmin "died" on me as I was finishing the first lap but the 2 laps this morning felt fast.

This morning's session was one of those "killer-heavy and heavy as might" workout but hey, I needed them. Apart from the first 3 and last 2 workouts, the rest were single sets.

a) Freemotion cable combo of squats, overhead shoulder press and lunges
b) The "dreaded" chin-ups (at least it was chin-ups and not pull-ups or maybe I'm just deluding myself on my supposedly better at chin-ups?)
c) Technogym cable back pull down with the short iron bar
d) Technogym leg press (crappers! It was 4 sets since the first was not counted! And I had to do the 160lbs twice!)
e) Technogym leg extension (I did not even want to look at the weight stack on this.)
f) Nautilus chest press
g) Hoist tricep pressdown
h) Precor free weight overhead shoulder press

We finished just after 10 am after 3 sets of reverse abs crunches. Then it was onto town to keep an appointment with Sharon.

Yup, legs are so gonna be shox.

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