Friday, December 24, 2010

Last Dance before Christmas

Hey, it is Christmas Eve! Bummer that I am in the office but I should be able to get away at 5:30 pm today. Plenty of time to pack for the weekend rendezvous after yesterday’s failed attempt to locate the faux fur collar jacket. Sigh. I hope I will not end up using the overcoat – it is too heavy and not as rain proof as the faux fur.

The gym has some oddball senior management; yes, you read that right – oddball! You want a better word…ok, senile then. They open at 8 am today! Just because it is Christmas Eve! Golly, it is not even a public holiday! Thank goodness I had decided to run instead of cross training on the elliptical.

This morning’s run will be last before Christmas and Hong Kong and probably the remaining few for 2010. The temps were not as low as yesterday morning (it rained on Wednesday night) but it good to go if you start early like moi (i.e. 6:30 am). I took it slow and easy and kept the pace around 5:30-5:35 min/km as it was supposed to be a recovery run after Sunday’s race and Wednesday’s “inter-state” training. Unfortunately, the Garmin “died” on the second lap, which I managed to restart towards the end of that lap. Therefore, there is a bit of missing data in between but since this is my usual training ground, 3 laps would equal 6.83-6.84 km. Taking the start and finish times, it was roundabout 38 minutes.

Depending on how “well” equipped the gym is at Harbour Grand Kowloon or my not-getting-lost-making-my-way to California Fitness TST, I may or may not be able to put in a full workout over the next 3 days. I will not beat myself over it (ok, not too hard anyway!); I probably need this break after this year’s training and runs.

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