Thursday, December 23, 2010

adiNation Training Run – 22 December 2010


a) “Group Lead” Kei Ming

b) “Organiser and Tour Guide” Lai

c) “Deputy Tour Guide” Vijay

d) Kenny

e) Aron (who we met at the end; he covered 3 of the bigger loop and 1 of the smaller loop around the lake)

Distance: Inter-State route a.k.a. loop around Tijani Bukit Persekutuan and Bangsar (Garmin: 12.41km since we took an extra loop)

Timing: 74:42 min for 6:01 min/km pace

Lai had been planning yesterday’s run since our maiden odyssey last week and was so excited that he actually FB-ed everyone for the past 2 days. It rained in the afternoon so it made for a nice cooling evening – perfect conditions for a run. As the route was hilly and everyone was recovering from the weekend’s races, we took it easy until the tail end of the run. In the last 3km or so, Vijay and Lai upped the pace but I kept them in sight even though my hips started to niggle (the same thing during the TIBI Run 2010!) and my shins through to the ankle started to ache. I thought this was odd since we only had two leg workouts in the morning – sumo squats and leg curl. Oh well, time to attend more of Richard’s classes – which I am planning to do next week (I am on leave!). I am feeling a bit more confident about the 2XU Compression Run 2011 now, distance wise; so 12km is do-able and I will not need to be evacuated to the hospital!

We had our usual chitchat session after the run and I am planning to join Aron on their LSDs over the weekend and his tempo runs on weekdays. Lai gave me a fright when he said his target for moi was a sub-45 minutes for four loops around the lake!

I am also hoping Michael has a slot opened for tonight so I can fit in a last workout before this weekend’s festivities. Yeah you could call it the last dance. LOL!

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