Monday, December 20, 2010

Karate kicking anyone who touches my feet! (and Malakoff Run 2010)

I swear I would karate kick anyone who touches my feet today! The soles are uber tender from yesterday’s Malakoff Run 2010 (Malakoff Run) though they are in a better shape than yesterday. I could not even lift my foot and was reduced to shuffling my way around the house – I am not usually afflicted with this syndrome after a run; oh sure, there is the usual soreness and tenderness coming down the stairs but that is it but this, but this, but this…is an entirely different proposition. The quads, hamstrings and calves were OK this morning and Michael even put me through the usual paces.

As with any Pacesetters organized run, the Malakoff Run was well organized and executed. And like any Pacesetters event, the route comprised of rolling hills and a few giant ones thrown in; this one had 2 killer slopes for one lap (the 12km guys had to run it twice – I can barely make it through one lap so I can’t imagine or even want to think about it). The only downside to this event was the partial road closure and the ugly Malaysian motorist who honked at us at the Hock Lee supermarket junction. When will Malaysians ever learn to respect and embrace sporting events? This would never occur in any Western countries or even Singapore or Thailand where neighbours even come out to cheer runners. Oh wait, there was one other depressing incident – Casey ran past me on his SECOND lap and it looked so easy peasy for him!

Anyway, one round completed in 36:25 minutes for a second place in the Women’s 7km Fun Run (Garmin showed 6.84km and a pace of 5:20 min/km). Great job given the route.

It was back to our regular tough as nails workout this morning; seriously the leg muscles were holding up well…just the soles but with socks and shoes, it worked out well.

Supersets of:

a) Hoist lat pulldown

b) Hoist chest press

c) BB clean-and-jerk

d) Plate weight bend over back row

e) Raised push ups

Supersets of:

f) Smith machine squats

g) LF cable standing chest fly

h) Plate weight static lunges

i) Combo of DB frontal and lateral raise (Gulp! Gulp! With my kinda “excellent” coordination)

Supersets of:

j) LF cable bicep curl

k) Abs crunches

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