Saturday, December 4, 2010

Functional Workout Etc before SCMS

I am over in Singapore at the moment. Hopped over to the gym this morning for a light session of yoga therapy and boy, was it light! Then again, Saturdays before runs are supposed to be rest days or active rest days. I got into town yesterday afternoon and spend the day resting my feet; will do the same today.

Yesterday's functional workout was the last before tomorrow's Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore (SCMS). I think the entire (or at least 90%!) of the running community in KL and Penang will be here for the SCMS. Ok, I am digressing...I had meant to jot down the functional workout sequence (I hope I got everything since it has been more than 24 hours - yeah, sue me for my memory failure!).

Supersets of:
a) Back row with the eleastic ribbon rope (we tried balancing on the Bosu but all I felt were my quads working rather than the back.
b) Technogym cable overhead shoulder press
c) Technogym cable lat pull down in a kneel position

Supersets of:
d) Single arm clean-and-jerk with the kettlebell
e) BB combo of squats and static backward lunges
f) Technogym cable chest fly

Supersets of:
g) Chin-ups on True Stretch
h) Technogym cable reverse back fly
i) Abs on wheels
j) DB combo of pushups and side plank+fly

I am so looking forward to a heavy weight session - this might happen on Tuesday. Yes, sadomasochism but hey, I am putting this down to getting a leaner and fitter bod. Yes, I am that vain!

Wokie, I am off to catch up on news etc; will try to put in another post some time this weekend, probably after the SCMS.

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