Thursday, December 30, 2010

Flow Yoga

Volker's class this morning was good! I definitely enjoyed myself (yes, I've always enjoyed all my yoga classes anyway!) especially after yesterday's adiNation Training Run and this morning's easy recovery cross training on the elliptical. We started with Sun Salutations A followed by Sun Salutations B. The latter was interspersed with Warrior I, Warrior II, Triangle, Reverse Triangle, Head-to-Knee forward bend, Spread leg forward bend, Twists. Then it was onto seated forward bends, Camel, back strengtheners and seated twists. I am thinking of heading for a second dose of yoga this evening........or head for Ronnie's adiNation Training Run in KLCC.

Yup, I know I owe you guys the review of yesterday's adiNation Training Run but oh...sloth has settled in. Patience!

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