Friday, December 31, 2010

Drop sets to end 2010

It was an intense session this morning so much so that we only managed to wrap up 6 workouts. For some inexplicable reason, my legs became fatigued much quicker although Michael pointed out that the weights are heavier than usual. The right quads and glutes bore the brunt of the leg press; I could actually feel the stretch even on the second set - yeah, totally mind blowing...and to think I still needed them to get through the third! Well, at least things were "better" on the leg extension, in the sense that both legs were working in tandem else you could be looking at a right-leg-bigger Sue here!

Supersets and drop sets of:
a) Technogym leg press
b) LF lat pulldown

Supersets and drop sets of:
c) Cybex chest press
d) Technogym leg extension (the first round was a goner...I couldn't even get past 8 reps on the second set)

Supersets and drop sets of:
e) DB lateral raise
f) Abs on wheels balanced on the air pillow (something new, something definitely more challenging)

I headed off to Klang to pick up the New Year Run swag (minimal - New Balance tee and bib). This was an adventure in itself since it was my first time there; let's just say that someone should have pointed out to me that the hospital was a landmark or focal point! And they need to have better signages! God help me tomorrow morning...else I might just forgo it altogether.

Tomorrow will also be the Pacemaker Annual Dinner at Kelab Darul Ehsan. This should be fun as "boss" Ronnie will be announcing and handing out the various awards - Pacemaker of the Year (M/F) and Best Dressed Award. Julie has arranged for Choi and myself to order from the ala carte menu since we're both vegans. Hmmm...perhaps I should check out the menu now.

Tomorrow's dinner should more than make up for being holed up at home tonight - LOL! Can't imagine me being stuck at home on New Year's Eve, huh? Oh well, for the love of the run!

Happy New Year everyone!

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