Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I am staring at the screen trying to figure out what, how etc to blog about my recent weekend escapade and the Great Eastern Women’s 10K (GE 10K). The event went well and I even managed a super PR. Plus I got to “makan” a Subway veggie patty wrap and exchanged my Bikilas for a new one. So what is there not to like, huh? No, the “no massage session with Diane” does not count.

Ok, here is my take on the GE 10K.


(a) Another well organized run by the team. In fact, I have been hearing good reviews about them when I first got to know about it (2008). [FYI this is the fifth year the event is held.]

(b) Provisional results came out on the same day – similar to the Yellow Ribbon Prison Run and the New Balance Real Run. The local races pale in comparison.

(c) The supporters and volunteers from the local secondary schools (and polytechnics?) were great – loads of cheers. I even high-fived some of them along the way.

(d) There were more than enough water stations throughout the route – at every 2.5km – and at the end point. I tend to skip these as I have resigned myself to the fact that I will never be able to run and drink at the same time, at least “gracefully”! I did manage to grab a water bottle and 2 cans of 100Plus at the end point. They came in useful during my elliptical cardio session the following day.

(e) It was a super PR for me!


(a) The early start (billed as 7 am) had me anxious about getting there on time since train services start later (6 am) on Sundays and I would not like to start without a warm up and “me time” (a.k.a. quiet moments to recollect myself).

(b) This is a minor peeve but I am not letting it detract from a great outing: there was a guy who jumped in and paced a gal during the last 2-3 km and the marshals did not pull him out like they usually do. Perhaps they missed him? Although it would be very hard to. I am generally OK with official pacers or if you are pacing a friend (and if you are registered for the run) (hey, I had Kei Ming pull me through for the Cyberjaya Energizer Night Run 2010) but this incident some how did not sit too well with me.

There you have it – a quick recap of the run.

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