Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Run for Hope Singapore 2010

My second time running this event – the first was last year and since this was a non-time, no bib, non-competitive event coupled with the massive turnout, I took it was a training run. I would have loved to come in with a decent timing especially with the flattish East Coast Park (ECP) terrain but massive turnout (as always) + leisure walkers + narrow pathways = reduced to walking on the first km. Nope, I’m not complaining about this. End result = 55:20 minutes including the extra 800m; 51:25 minutes at the finishing point.


(a) Charity event to raise funds for cancer research.

(b) Cancer survivors running the event was and is inspiring.

(c) Since this was a non-timed and non-competitive event, there was no pressure to race against time. So it was fun, fun and fun. I managed to keep to consistent splits of 5:20-5:30 min/km (except for the first km).

(d) As everyone was reduced to “walking” the first km (my split was 6:43 min/km), I did not go out too fast and wearing myself out like I normally do. Hence, I had some spares in the tank crossing the finishing line.

(e) Plenty of water points – marshals were handing out full sized water bottles and I think I counted at least 3 points?

(f) There was a Milo truck at the finishing – this is probably the only event with one; do not remember seeing it at the other runs.

(g) There were marshals along the route but this was an out-and-back route at ECP – don’t think anyone would get lost or veer off course, right? The critical point would be at the u-turn and they had people there.

(h) Flattish route, not even an incline on connecting bridges.

(i) Separate routes for the 4km and 10km to minimize congestion since those in the 4km event would be mostly leisure weekenders and parents with kids.

(j) It was a surprise that there wasn’t a traffic build up to the ECP car park unlike last year when many opted to get out and walk in.


(a) The early start (billed as 7 am) had me anxious about getting there on time since train services start later (6 am) on Sundays. In fact, the first train heading towards Pasir Ris only arrived at 6:30 am! I was not too worried because taking cue from last year’s event, I knew the flag off would be delayed and if it came down to it, I could simply run my own race on ECP.

(b) Muddy field at the finishing point – same issue from last year. The organizers never learnt, huh?

(c) Another issue from last year – slightly shorter route. Last year it was 9.6km and this year, it was down to 9.2km. I am not too peeved by this since I ran on ahead to make up the 800m.

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