Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Crunch time

At work that is…and I am hating every moment of one particular deal that just refuses to go away. No amount of fervent prayer has made it disappear. Please please please Father…I need divine intervention. Seriously.

It was back to training mode after the weekend’s festivities – slow training run during the Run for Hope and shopping expedition with SW down south – and Michael put me through the paces of drop sets (in the reverse order i.e. load up instead of lightening the weights) for legs and singular for shoulders.

a) Technogym leg press

b) Technogym leg extension

c) Technogym overhead shoulder press (this was the only shoulder exercise with drop sets)

d) Freemotion cable single arm lateral raise

e) Technogym cable upright row with iron bar

f) Technogym cable tricep pressdown with iron bar

g) Nautilus Abdominal

There is a lot of Technogym stuff in there, huh?

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