Monday, October 4, 2010

Mish mash from the weekend to today

Where should I start? There were a couple of things happening over the weekend, nothing extraordinary but when combined made for quite a busy one. Saturday was spent running up and down sorting out errands so I could keep Sunday relatively “free”.

I was reacquainted with my running shoes on Saturday – the plan to run the LSD with Kei Ming went out of the window when I woke up with the still-there-throbbing-lower ankle/heel; so I ended up trotting a slow two laps around the lake. I thought it was the shoes (notwithstanding the throb) and tried again on Sunday with the Bikilas – no luck. By the end of the first lap, I resolved to make my way to Mr Soon later in the evening for another consult even though I knew I was healing, I was just impatient for it to speed up. The inflammation had definitely subsided because I did not have to scream my lungs out when he massaged the area. He had it bandaged with the same herbs and this time, I am using bigger plastic bags while showering to keep the water from seeping in!!!! To speed things up, I am also taking oral herbal meds. Monday morning – so far so good, some throbbing but nothing the scale of last week.

I missed Saturday afternoon’s nap because I had an appointment with Shearley and a Nike Run race pack pick up (since I was in the area). I had completely jumbled up my appointment – I thought it was Sunday 2 pm whereas she had texted me earlier in the week to change it to Saturday. So it was mad scramble to head into the city on Saturday afternoon – can you imagine the traffic???? And the heat???? And the rising heart beat due to the two???? BTW, Jalan Tun Razak was completely clogged up. This was so unusual for me because I never, ever forget my appointments. The only consolation, ok make that two consolations were the less than 10 minutes in-and-out of Avenue K for the Nike thing and having Sunday free after yoga practice.

Yoga was a sweaty mess yesterday morning but it was good. Not too sure if it was the humidity or the poses because I was sweating buckets after my run earlier. I could definitely feel the humidity this morning, even with the overnight rain and I was sweating throughout my session with Michael. A round up of this morning’s workout:

Supersets of:

a) LF low back row

b) DB chest fly

c) LF assisted chin-ups

d) Cybex incline chest press

Supersets of:

e) Technogym leg press (this got my heart rate up and I was visibly dizzy with the blood flowing to the legs when we finished every set)

f) DB weighted walking lunges

g) Technogym leg extension

h) Jumping squats (I am getting the hang of this; thank goodness!)

Supersets of:

i) Technogym cable overhead tricep press

j) Nautilus abs crunches

I was reading Emma Bishop’s blog (one of the triathletes) and she mentioned about chronic fatigue syndrome (I am probably on the verge of this too) and pulling out of Kona (taking place this weekend). For the moment (until February next year), it will be light or no training, depending on how she feels and wants to do. I have been mulling about this idea oft and on for a couple of weeks and will probably do the same some time in March or April next year when I head to London – I am tired and sick of work and the toll of training is getting to me. Or do you think I would have collapsed before then?

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