Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The ache has started!

I am expecting some soreness on the chest muscles later tonight or tomorrow seeing how it was pulling me during this morning’s bench chest press. Sometimes I wonder if I am sadomasochist for craving muscle soreness! I have been SORELY disappointed that my quads and hammies have not been aching despite the weight load that Michael has been putting me through. I mean I can feel the burn and tiredness during the exercise but this has not translated to muscle soreness later; so I am wondering if he has not pushed me to the max or I have been lazy. Perhaps I should leave it as it is since I have been getting a pretty good leg workout running in the Bikilas (more about this in a while). This morning’s session:

Supersets of:

a) DB incline chest press

b) Smith machine bench chest press

c) Cybex plate loaded leg press

d) DB step up (I am so wobbly on this!)

Supersets of:

e) BB dead lift

f) LF cable standing upper back row with iron bar

g) Combo of DB squats and shoulder overhead press

Supersets of:

h) LF cable frontal raise with iron bar

i) BB bicep curl

j) Abs crunches and leg raises

I have not decided if I will join the guys for the adiNation Training Run this evening – there is still some pull on the ligament and I am afraid of aggravating it before this Sunday’s run. I know it is healing and it is so much better than it was over the weekend but I am worried.

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