Friday, October 29, 2010

Fueling & Final Workout

This is probably my weakest link. I do not think I eat enough for the kind of runs and workouts I put myself through. I did and am still trying to increase my meal portions but there’s just so much “extra” my stomach can stomach (great phrase, huh?!). I have always been small built and I think the Buteyko has magnified this – I am now at my leanest with possibly the smallest stomach size.

Eating small bites frequently does work – I cannot help but wonder what my colleagues think of my frequent grazing! Dinner is typically my heaviest and largest meal not that I eat two portions – just a plate of noodles with tofu, mushrooms and assorted vegetables. I also try to eat “clean” (i.e. no minimal junk food, reduced oil, sugar, desserts etc) in the days leading to a run and since I have upped the number of runs this year, this meant eating “clean” throughout the year! LOL!

I should get back to fueling or rehydrating myself with 100Plus after my cardio sessions and runs more than an hour. Again, the operative word is “should”. My calves have been seizing and cramping up on the nights after these sessions and it seems to be getting worse, especially after the adiNation Training Runs – Kei Ming and gang have been upping the pace for me.

P/S: my calves cramped up last night (and I didn’t even have a long cardio session in the morning or evening; must be from Wednesday’s double session). It usually lasts about 10-15 minutes but those 10-15 minutes are always the longest time in your life when you’re in excruciating pain!

Today was the final session with Michael as we head into the weekend (and my uber favourite city – Singapore). It was also the remaining 50% of the split workout. This morning’s Legs & Shoulders session (dang! I just remembered that we forgot about the triceps!):

Supersets of:

a) Technogym leg press (somehow the 140lbs isn’t as intimidating these days)

b) Technogym leg extension

Supersets of:

c) LF prone leg curl

d) DB walking lunges

Single sets of:

e) Technogym overhead shoulder press (dang! X2! Just realized that we used Technogym quite a bit this morning!)

f) Nautilus lateral raise

g) Technogym cable standing reverse fly

h) Abs crunches on fitball

Happy Friday everyone!

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