Thursday, October 7, 2010

adiNation Training Run – 6 October 2010


a) “Boss” Ronnie

b) “Group Lead” Kei Ming

c) Lai

d) Kenny Tan

e) Aron Soo

f) Vijay

g) Adam

Distance: 4 laps * 2.3km = 9.2km (Garmin: 9.12km)

Timing: 53:30 min for 5:52 min/km pace

Frustration would be an understatement to describe how I felt during and after the run. I had to resist speeding up to avoid aggravating the ligament but it did not help because I woke this morning and had trouble navigating the stairs. I think I will just leave it here for now. Apologies if you are looking forward to a blow-by-blow account of yesterday’s training.

I am just going back to training in shoes until the ligament heals.

Well, a bit of good news – my glutes and hamstrings are sore from yesterday’s session! Ok, now I am officially wonky for craving this! I have another session with Michael this evening – this is a make up session for tomorrow and Monday when he is away – so I think we might be focusing on upper body workout.

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