Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Yellow Ribbon Prison Run 2010 – Fun Run 6km

This was apparently one of the better-organized races last year and I just had to sign up after reading all the rave reviews on Sg Runners. I gave this a miss last year because I was not too sure if I could manage races on consecutive weekends – hey, I was a newbie at that stage. Anyway, when this event came up, I decided to put my name down for the shorter distance (the other category was a 10km) and am so glad I did. Yes, it was good, fun and enjoyable, despite the rain.


(a) Very well organized from the start to the end.

(b) Leslie of the organizing committee was very responsive and patient with everyone’s queries/concerns/comments on the Sg Runners Forum.

(c) The organizers were super prepared for any eventuality! They even handed out raincoat ponchos on Sunday, before and after the run. I was mighty glad for this since I was cold and wet getting to the start point from the shuttle bus drop point. I dropped the poncho just before gun off.

(d) More than enough shuttle buses (unlike the Adidas Sundown Marathon 2010 though I had no trouble on this aspect).

(e) Provisional results came out on the same day – this must have been the fastest in my experience!

(f) I came in first! Yeah I nearly fainted when I saw the results on RunPix. Plus it was a decent timing – 28:33 minutes (Garmin showed 5.53km though; but a 5:10 min/km pace is very good…by my standards!)


(a) Rain rain rain.

(b) Slopes slopes slopes. I lost count on the number.

(c) I had trouble locating the shuttle bus pick up point after the race and every one of the marshals I approached were clueless. Hey, it was not only me! When the shuttle bus arrived at 10 am, everyone applauded. It is not fun standing and waiting for more than 45 minutes chilled to the bones from your wet clothes and the wind blowing like no tomorrow.

Photo log...yeah "stole" it from the official site.

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