Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Plyometrics (or should it be kinesis????) Training

I am not sure if it was the combination of workouts or I was plain slow but we did not seem to manage to do as many workouts as we usually do, even when we went heavy. I thought it would be functional training this morning when we headed into the Private Personal Training Area – I thought wrong! Nary a workout on the Bosu; today was more about cables and Kinesis.

Supersets of:

a) Technogym cable kinesis upper back row (drop sets)

b) Technogym cable kinesis bench chest press and chest fly (drop sets)

c) Technogym cable kinesis standing reverse back fly (drop sets)

d) Combo of kettle bell squats and frontal raise

e) Kettle bell squats

Supersets of:

f) Technogym cable kinesis combo of static lunges and overhead shoulder press

g) Medicine ball pull over

h) Wheel roll abs

The bonus (Michael asked if I wanted to do extra and I readily yes!???) was abs crunches on the fit ball.

Never underestimate the cables! At this moment, my upper back muscles and shoulder blades are starting to ache. I am not sure where else the soreness will set in but I do distinctly remember (apart from the back workouts) that my right quads were feeling it during the lunges and abs during the crunches on the fit ball.

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