Friday, September 17, 2010

Days 2 and 3 of the 3-consecutive days training

It was a public holiday here yesterday – hence the missing post (yes, I tend to post when I am in the office. Alright, lunch hour on weekdays!). Michael had initially planned on having a functional training session but since I felt good (only the chest muscles were aching), we proceeded to the free weights area. Here is a round up of yesterday’s training:

Supersets of:

a) LF cable iron bar press down for the upper back

b) Combo of BB deadlift and overhead should press

c) For the life of me, I cannot recall what this third exercise was!

Supersets of:

d) Hack squats

e) Hoist seated leg curl

f) Cybex seated calf raises

Supersets of:

g) Hoist tricep press down

h) BB bicep curl

i) Reverse bench abs crunch

j) Dips

It was a tough session and I was glad to have pulled through. Oh yeah, throw in a 4.55km run in the Bikila prior to the session and a sweaty Prasana yoga in the evening. How is that for spending a mid week public holiday?

Since it was strength training yesterday, I thought I could escape with a functional session today. I thought wrong! It turned out to be equally as tough; looks like somebody will need to take it easy this weekend!

Supersets of:

a) Freemotion dual cable cross low back row

b) Freemotion dual cable cross chest fly

c) DB reverse back fly

d) Cybex single leg glute

e) Technogym single leg extension

Supersets of:

f) Freemotion cable combo of single arm overhead shoulder press and static lunges

g) DB lateral raise

h) Cybex standing calf raises

i) Cybex rotary hip

We topped off the session with abs crunches on the Nautilus Abs.

In between sets, Michael told me that May is training for a marathon and will be running the Newton 25km next weekend. Wow! Isn’t she amazing? I’m just hoping to run a consistent sub-50 for a 10km before thinking about taking it one level up. No, make that sub-55 first!

I also found out yesterday morning (through SgForums) that Acid’s brother has passed on. My heart goes out to his family – someone just at the cusp of starting his life, his marriage, his everything. I asked Lotusfairy Wendy to send him a message for me last night.

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