Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Why was it not heavier?

I was disappointed (kinda) that we did not work with heavier weights although Michael had pre-warned me that it would be a functional training session today after Monday’s session. On this note, I do think there is something seriously wrong with me! I am actually craving for a punishing workout!

a) BB squats balanced on 2 pillows

b) Combo of BB deadlift and clean-and-jerk on 2 pillows

c) BB bend over back row on 2 pillows

d) Combo of DB overhead shoulder press and lateral raise on 2 pillows

e) Static lunges on Bosu and 1 pillow

f) Elastic band chest fly

g) Push ups on Bosu and 2 pillows

The final drills were abs crunches on the fitball and the wheel set.

In the meantime, I should start seeing a shrink for that crazy craving of mine!

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