Thursday, August 19, 2010

Trips in 2011 and Others

I am hoping to make these trips in 2011: Hong Kong in February for the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon; London in April/May for a RFB Newnham College reunion; Phuket in June for the Phuket International Marathon. I have been reading a few blogs on the Healthy Living Summit held over the past weekend in Chicago and am so tempted to attend the 2011 edition. This one is a stretched target but we will see what happens. I hope to email the organizers to find out about the venue and timing of next year’s event and see if I can snag some deals on flights and hotels. I will also need to tag on the visa fees for this trip. I guess it is much cheaper and easier to find such an event closer to home or this region – but no guarantees on the “fun” factor.

Yesterday’s adiNation Training Run was cancelled as Kei Ming had to work but since I was already in Lake Gardens, I did two laps but in reverse laps. Oh boy…this was an adventure in itself! It gave me another perspective and somehow it felt different like I was running in another park/area. Since I needed to clock up some mileage this week, I was there again this morning and completed four laps – a bit slower as I did not have anyone to pace with. Then again, 50+ minutes isn’t too bad, right?

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