Tuesday, August 17, 2010

London's a calling

I am thinking of heading to London in spring next year – I miss the place so much and I miss Jess and my RFB housemates (that’s Rosalind Franklin Building, Newnham College). There has not been much of a promotion going on – SIA and MAS’ campaigns end in November and December and while Air Asia’s promotional fares stretch between April and August 2011, the numbers do not really stack up. Since I have a bit of time, I could wait for the next round of promotions or scout around for the Middle East carriers – and have an excuse to meet up some of the MBA2002 guys there! I am looking at spring of 2011 because Jess should be done with her exams then and she could play tour guide. We may even have Maria come up to London.

Perhaps we could go to Maria instead! It is probably cheaper to head to and spend time in Greece given their recent turmoil (yes, I know it is not good to parlay another’s misfortune but I am a poor girl looking to stretch her dollar!). in any case, I have never stepped foot on Greece.

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