Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It’s straightened!

I had my final review (for the fracture) yesterday and Dr Ling is certain that the metatarsal is straightened. We opted out of having an x-ray since I was doing OK i.e. no pain, no ache, walking and running etc. Nonetheless, I will still need to keep up the calcium supplement intake – for both the continued healing (the ends of the fracture are still jagged) and prevent osteoporosis.

I mentioned to him that I have begun training with minimalist footwear a.k.a. Bikila and he wants me to take extra care and perhaps limit it to indoor use. I hesitated to let him know that I ran in Lake Gardens over the weekend. It will be a long way before I can run in the Bikila without aches and shin splints – Kei Ming told me I should stick to the 5-runs for each km increase before progressing. It is going to be a very progressive training at this rate; then again, I am in no hurry!

I had a bit of time to ponder while waiting for Dr Ling and it struck me that this (time period) is probably the toughest training schedule I have ever had. Michael’s trainings are tough but you feel so good after that and you are even happier (ok, ecstatic!) when you see the results. I realized how toned and firm my muscles were when I looked at the photos we took during Sunday’s pole practice. I rock!!!

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