Monday, August 23, 2010

Bikila Run and Post-Bikila Workout

I kicked start the week with a 6.9km (Garmin: 6.84km) run in the Bikila yesterday which left me “paralyzed” for the rest of the day! I could not even muster the energy to head for Richard’s hatha yoga class. Yes, it was that punishing! I started slowly at about 5:45-6 min/km pace and picked up speed in the second and third laps. As it was a slow start, I felt really good in the second lap and thought I could go for a third – which I did. The energy levels were still sky high after the third lap and I toyed with the idea of a fourth lap but remembered Kei Ming’s warning about taking it slow and easy. Good advice because once I got into the car, my hamstrings began their daylong ache and only went away this morning! It was so “bad” that I booked a session with Sitar yesterday evening to relieve the pressure. All in, it was still awesome to train in the Bikila.

This morning Michael and I worked with the Technogym Dual Cross Cables and focused on the upper body muscles, not that I would have any trouble with my lower limbs (psstt…running in the Bikila is a better workout than the leg curls!).

Supersets of these on the Technogym Dual Cable Cross:

a) Squats

b) Chest low to high pull up

c) Back row

Supersets of:

d) Chin ups

e) Combo of DB lunges and overhead should press and DB lunges and dead lift

f) DB pull over

Supersets of:

g) Push ups

h) DB lateral raise

i) Assisted dips

j) Cybex abs crunches

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