Thursday, July 15, 2010

Weekend plans

There will be a lot going on this weekend and hopefully I do not bonk out. This will probably also mean I should rest as much as I can today and tomorrow.

Saturday’s plan:
(a) Fiesta Muzium Telekom at 7 am
(b) Send the car for servicing at 10 am and pick it up by lunch
(c) Yoga alignment with Parveen at 4 pm
(d) Birthday dinner and get-together with Yiu Ming at 7-7:30 pm

Sunday’s equally-as-daunting schedule:
(a) Short recovery gun and elliptical cross training
(b) Pole dancing at 10:30 am
(c) Maybe attend Richard’s pranayama class at 4 pm
(d) Meet with Ian to discuss my training plan at 7 pm

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