Thursday, July 15, 2010

adiNation Training Run – 14 July 2010

a) “Group Lead” Kei Ming

Distance: 2 laps * 2.3km = 4.6km (4.6 km on the Garmin)

Timing: 25:06 min for 5:27 min/km pace

Lap 1
It was pouring when I got there and Kei Ming and I sat in our cars till the skies cleared up around 6:45 pm. Since Boss was not around, we planned to do a short run at a slower pace. Both of us were sleepy and tired and our legs felt so heavy – him from last weekend’s Seremban Half Marathon (10km) and mine from my usual hodge podge of stuff and Tuesday’s fast pace tempo run (hey 4.6km is tempo for someone doing 10km!).

Lap 2
We upped the pace slightly from 5:30 min/km to about 5:15-5:17 min/km in the second lap but my legs still were not “feeling it”. I stopped after two laps and did a couple of hill repeats while Kei Ming continued a third lap, joined by Wern Tian.

I was feeling guilty for most of last night and this morning for not doing a “longish” run and decided to sign up for the Telekom run this Saturday – my plan is take it as my training run and log up some mileage.

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