Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Impromptu Run and Functional Training

I was a bit tired and fed up with work yesterday and headed off to Lake Gardens for a short run. Unfortunately, I got there a bit late and it started to pour after 1.5 km but I was determined to finish two laps, rain or no rain. The rain together with Fauzan’s cheer (or was it a scream?) made me up the momentum going into the second lap and wrapped things up at 24:21 minutes. The bad news was the constant coughing during dinner – it must have been the chill when the clothes and shoes dried off during grocery shopping at Giant.

As we had an endurance session yesterday morning, functional training was today’s theme.
a) Combo of DB squats and DB single arm clean-and-jerk
b) Combo of DB jumping jacks / squats and frontal raise
c) BB bend over back row on Busu
d) BB shoulder overhead press on Busu
e) Static lunges on Busu and air-filled pillow
f) Chin ups on True Stretch
g) Combo of raised pushups on DB and alternate DB lateral raise from pushup position
h) Abs crunches on Busu

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