Friday, July 23, 2010

Hotels in Hong Kong and the unconnected……………………….. Friday Workout

Title heading of this post says it all – unconnected! Anyway, it is just lazy me splitting up the posts.

I sent an email to Horry inquiring about the starting point for the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon (SCHKM) (10K category) for the last few years as I am planning to mount the 2011 edition. I noticed that there were two starting points for the SCHKM this year – the mary and half-mary started in Tsim Sa Tsui (TST) whereas the quarter-mary was on the island. Thank goodness, I spotted this before making reservations for a TST or Kowloon hotel!

Yiu Ming may tag along for the trip – it will be good to have his company although I already have Lai (and wife), Dannie and Carrie on board. Yiu Ming was busy checking out the websites and tells me that the closest two hotels (Empire and L’Hotel) are fully booked! Golly it’s at least 6 months away!!! The other alternatives are City Garden and Holiday Inn Express – both are about 1km away – which should work out as nicely. I am hoping I will not get lost walking to the starting point since I probably will not be able to take a train – train services start at 6:08 am from Fortress Hill whereas the earliest wave for the 10K is 5:15 am; the next being at 5:50 am followed by 6:30 am and 7:00 am.

I was feeling heavy and weak when I got to the gym this morning – it could be the accumulated trainings during the week or the lack of shuteye…also during the week. Nevertheless, once we got started, I was surprised I managed to ace a couple of workouts.

Supersets of:
a) LF cable lat pull down
b) Single arm DB back row
c) Precor angled back / rear delt row

Supersets of:
d) BB combo of squats and alternate static lunges
e) Plate loaded leg press
f) Hoist leg extension

Supersets of:
g) Smith machine incline chest press
h) BB chest press
i) LF cable chest fly

Supersets of:
j) BB bicep curl
k) Leg raises

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