Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Post Singapore Shape Run 2010

I will do up the race report in a bit but here is a roundup of this morning’s training, my first since the Singapore Shape Run 2010 (Shape Run). I woke up feeling fresh and energetic – I think taking the day off and getting a sports massage yesterday did the trick. I could hardly sleep on Sunday night because my hamstrings were so tightly wounded up and I had trouble navigating the pedestrian over bridge outside Vinz’s place on Monday morning; hence, I made an “executive” decision to book a session at Serenity Cove. Ordinarily, I would not have this problem as I am usually “kneaded and rolled about like a piece of dough” by Diane but Diane is taking a 3-month sabbatical now. I guess I could have done myself a lot better had I not took a 6-hour shopping spree marathon after the Shape Run on Sunday; oh but the mindless idle walking about was too tempting; plus I needed to pick up the Bikila from Taka. Yes, I got it!

Supersets of:

a) Technogym leg press

b) Cybex prone leg curl

c) Technogym leg extension

d) Cybex rotary hip

Supersets of:

e) Life Fitness incline chest press

f) Nautilus shoulder overhead press

g) Cybex rear delt back row

Supersets of:

h) Life Fitness cable iron bar tricep press down

i) Cybex bicep curl

We finished the session with some abs crunches but on a steeper incline on the bench.

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