Monday, July 12, 2010

Chocolate truffle cake NOT!!!

I asked Aunty Mabel to place an order for me from Crowne Plaza for HTN’s birthday – it was on Friday but we celebrated it yesterday. I had suggested this coming weekend after reading SW’s post on her toothache / wisdom tooth problem but she said the extraction might be some time in coming since the appointment needs to be made, the lead-time for bacteria killing etc. Anyway, the chocolate truffle was not available and we ended up with a tiramisu. We were quite disappointed but on hindsight, it turned out to be the best selection! We had dinner at Top Hat after scrapping the steakhouse option at Pavilion because like me, HTN is nursing a cold. HTN had wanted to order a tiramisu for dessert but SW kicked up a mock fuss (HTN later said it was really believable!) about being fed up with the slow service (which was true) and insisted on going home after mains. They very nearly got into an argument over that. Ah…but all ended well when we got back to the apartment and lighted the candles for the birthday cake!

According to SW and HTN, the tiramisu was superb, way better than the ones from Top Hat. Score! HTN also got a carrot cake together with balloons and the humdrum on Friday courtesy of SW who had earlier made arrangements with Pots & Petals. I took a bite of the carrot cake – boy, was it dense and choke full of stuff (in a good way).

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