Friday, July 30, 2010

Awesome (?) Workout

This morning’s session must have been the toughest since I started training with Michael. The session may have been tough and I may have whined throughout the one hour but I am so glad to have pulled through and completed some of the exercises “correctly”. I am still riding on the highs from the session. Since it was a strength session, each exercise was done singularly and we only managed three muscle groups: legs, back and chest.

a) Smith machine squats (25 – 100 lbs and we went through 5/6 sets!)

b) Plate loaded leg press (100 – 235 lbs; awesome, huh?)

c) Lat pull down (40 – 47 lbs)

d) Angled back row (35 – 45 lbs)

e) Bench press for the chest (25 lbs)

f) Elevated push ups

g) Reverse abs crunches

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