Thursday, July 29, 2010

adiNation Training Run – 28 July 2010 and Thursday’s Post Run Workout


a) “Boss” Ronnie

b) “Group Lead” Kei Ming

c) Fauzan

d) Kenny

e) Wern Tien

f) Lai

g) Vijay

h) Vijay’s colleague

i) Adam who came later and ran on his own

Option of:

Distance: 4 laps * 2.3km = 9.2km (9.14km on the Garmin); or

Speed work: 3 * 2.3km or 1 lap with 5 minutes of rest in between

Timing: 49:44 min for 5:26 min/km pace

Lap 1

My plan was to take it easy after the weekend’s Singapore Shape Run and the prior day’s Bikila walking-around-the-neighbourhood. Lai had similar thoughts after his punishing run on Tuesday. The rest of the group went ahead with the interval training. Despite our plan, we started fast (for my standard that is!) and completed the first km in 5:16 minutes against the targeted 6:00 minute.

Lap 2

Vijay and one of our colleagues (sorry, I do not know him!) joined us in the second lap. I was still keeping up with Lai at this stage with Vijay and our colleague trailing us about 10 meters back.

Lap 3

Lai was running strongly (yes, despite his earlier misgivings) and I urged him to press on. Vijay and our colleague overtook me but I kept them in sight for the rest of the round.

Lap 4

This is usually the “killer” round for me but somehow I still felt “strong” and was able to more-or-less keep to my running form (i.e. not the usual huffing and puffing and tongue sticking out business!). By this time, I was alone and was using the trees and lampposts as markers – it worked! A new revelation!

All in, I enjoyed the run and was glad to have Lai pushed me on.

The rest of the team had completed their speed work by the time I came in and I gathered from Kei Ming that everyone had a good workout.

I woke up this morning feeling good and had another great session with Michael. We concentrated on the upper body today; so I am anticipating a tough legs session tomorrow.

Supersets of:

a) LF assisted close grip chin ups

b) BW dips

c) Combo of DB deadlift and bicep curl-and-overhead shoulder press-ala clean-and-jerk method

d) Technogym weight loaded for pull ups

Supersets of:

e) Nautilus hip abduction

f) Nautilus hip adduction

g) Combo of walking lunges and squats and jumping jacks

Supersets of:

h) Cybex bicep curl

i) Technogym cable iron bar close grip tricep press down

As usual, we closed with some abs crunches.

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