Tuesday, June 22, 2010

We (as in most of the suspects in the KL running universe) were at Ronnie’s second baby’s full moon party on Saturday and to my surprise, the place was pretty easy to get to (i.e. I didn’t get lost or missed any turnings!). I, more or less, trailed John / Wai Mun (was only acquainted during dinner) and we parked at the open car park space near the flats.

The turnout was just nice – not too small or too big – and had a nice warm close-knit feel to it. I think all in, the turnout out was about 80? As usual, the talk turned into training and running, especially with the Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon just a week away. It can be overwhelming with everyone is talking about doing the half or full marathon when I have only signed up for the quarter but I know that that is what I want to and comfortable doing. Plus I’m carrying an injury and even without this, I’ve no desire or ambition to go further than 10km.

Dinner was buffet style with an ice kacang corner set up. Carb choices (runners’ mantra) include fried rice with egg, cumin glutinous rice and fried vermicelli; I had the latter two. I topped these up with stir-fried vegetables and mushrooms and more vegetables from the chilli sweet-sour sauce stir-fried sausages. I also added some “satay” peanut sauce on the side. For the meat-and-seafood eating crowd, there were spice-marinated chicken wings, chilli sweet-sour sauce stir-fried sausages, chicken “satay” and cucumbers for condiment, curry chicken or fish (I cannot remember!) and the customary red hard-boiled eggs. There maybe one or two other dishes but since I am vegan, I did not pay much attention to the spread. The dessert selection included “ang koo” and “nyonya kuehs”, a fruit platter, jellies and the ice kacang. I was a bit embarrassed to pull out my camera and snap photos, so for a preview of our meal, you will have to rely on your imagination or Eileen’s Facebook album.

I stayed until roundabouts 9 pm before taking leave. I spent quite a fair bit of time catching up with everyone and did not eat much during dinner; so was hungry when I got home and satiated my hunger with a handful of macadamia nuts.

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