Monday, June 21, 2010


I made a mug Chinese tea after lunch to see if it can help to stave off the “zzz” monsters. I also noticed that the pantry is no longer stocking green tea – another cost cutting measure? I will try to have one part water and one part Chinese tea this afternoon if overdosing on H2O does not kill me first! The brand carried in our pantry is “Ti Kuan Yin” – I am not sure which blend of tea it falls into but even after removing the teabag 3 minutes later still made the liquid dark and slightly bitter.

Julie posted something about getting her tea ready on her Facebook page this morning – lemon tea and someone commented that she should give Yerba Mate a go. The only times I have come across Yerba Mate is through Kiehls – BTW, SW think they rock for blemishes! I am quite interested in trying out some of the flower or fruit teas though my preference is still coffee (sweetened with brown or raw sugar).

I remember the nights spent in the kitchen of Rosalind Franklin Building (RFB) in Newnham College when Vic had her peppermint tea and Jess her Silver Tip tea with a splash of full cream milk while I had my usual fix – coffee with skimmed milk. Jess and I always tease Vic about the gag-inducing peppermint never mind its digestion properties. We used to gossip the hours away in the kitchen and occasionally Air or Shewly would pop in. I miss our tea-and-coffee nights!
[p/s: this was written on Friday; didn't have a chance to post it till now (aka Monday)]

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